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About Us

 The MakerSpace at McKinneyWerx is a community space for startups and entrepreneurs that provides shared workspace and resources. We customize this space to meet your needs and offer conferences rooms as well as new 3D printers available for both work and play. Makerspace is located in McKinney.


Why MakerSpace@McKinneyWERX?

 We understand that start-ups are often boot-strapping it until revenue or funding is obtained and it is our goal and vision to help with the overhead during this phase of starting a company, by offering extremely affordable rates to meet everyone's budget.  In addition, The WERX is committed to providing education and mentoring to assist as well, through relationships, presentations and events.   The McKinney EDC and it's Emerging Technology Program has been instrumental in the success and initiative of the WERX center. 


The Community

Along with all the wonderful mentors and entrepreneurs, Makerspace has a team of professionals equipped to assist you comprising the Board of Directors of The WERX that makes it easy to go to work, and want to be there!   Learn from the experts and learn from your peers.

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